Shoghi Wideband DF

The Shoghi Wide Band Direction Finding System (SCL-WBDF) has been designed for direction finding of the signals in 100 KHz-30MHz frequency range. SCL-WBDF uses Watson-Watt algorithm for direction finding in the HF frequency range and Interferometer set-up for direction finding in the VHF/UHF frequency range for the computation of position data. The Watson Watt algorithm calculates a bearing on the basis of a three-channel antenna signal and averaging enhances the bearing results. SCL-WBDF provides different visualizations like sonogram and spectrum, Azimuth Time, Azimuth Histogram, Power Histogram, graphical zoom for the monitoring of the wideband direction finder. SCL-WBDF is equipped with user friendly Graphic user interface for its Operation and parameterization.


  • Modular Digital HF Wideband Direction Finder
  • Can cover from 100 KHz-30 MHz frequency band
  • Watson Watt three-channel direction-finding method for the HF range
  • Control and operating software are platform independent
  • Support Windows and LINUX
  • Remotely controlled from the operating computer via TCP/IP or CORBA interface

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