Multi-Channel Interception and Logging System (SCL-MCIL)

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Multi-Channel Interception and Logging System

Shoghi’s Multi-Channel Interception and Logging System (SCL-MCIL) is a wideband SDR receiver which is capable of monitoring up to sixteen independent narrowband signals within a selected spectrum of 20 MHz. The SDR receiver covers the entire frequency band of HF , VHF and UHF from 1.5 MHz to 3 GHz in its standard configuration but can be extended to 9 kHz covering the MF and LF bands and also up to 6 GHz for specific customer requirements. The equipment can be used for high-speed spectrum management missions as a standalone receiver system or as a building block of high grade multifunctional integrated systems.

The SDR receiver converts the incoming radio transmission signal in its instantaneous (real-time) bandwidth to digital format. Its individual digital receiver channels can be tuned to given frequency in its real-time bandwidth. The data streams of the channels are processed by the digital demodulators, supporting a variety of carrier modulation waveforms and bandwidths of wireless emitters. The output in the form of demodulated audio or IQ format can be recorded in local storage or transmitted over an IP network.

The SDR receiver also has the capability to compute and provide the Angle of Arrival for finding the direction of the transmission when connected to a DF antenna for respective bands.

Key Features

  • Compact design with graphical user interface
  • Up to 40MHz wide instantaneous real-time bandwidth
  • Real-time IF panorama display by complex FFT algorithm
  • High channel selectivity by digital filtering
  • Excellent precision and sensitivity
  • Raw data IF and demodulator AF recording
  • Built-in direction finding processor
  • Flexible compatibility for system integration

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