In the era of knowledge and information, fore runner companies need to have the capacity to generate, safeguard and manage innovations, which have the competitive edge factor as well the impetus for long term business success. Shoghi considers the coherent, strict and far-sighted governance of innovation as a fundamental asset for its growth and sustainability.

Innovation as a constant value for Shoghi has been an integral part of its history and evolution. From the experiential incremental innovations to path breaking radical innovations, they are the key to Shoghi's success and have allowed the company to assume a leadership role in technology at worldwide level.

Innovation is not only a driving force that comes from within the company but also involves the close interaction with customers, partners, academies and research centers in order to effectively manage the value chain.

A high-tech company thrives on innovations. A good 15 percent of the annual net revenue therefore goes into research and development at Shoghi. To maintain its high quality standards, Shoghi keeps virtually the entire added value within the company. To develop the technologies it needs, Shoghi's research team work extensively with the academic community and most laboratories located in various universities.

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