On Demand SAR-Optical Image Acquisition

High Resolution Satellite Imagery



Shoghi is partnered with the leading satellite imagery providers to offer the most advanced geospatial information solutions to our clients. Our extensive constellation of satellites offers the broadest multi-sensor portfolio on the market in resolution, responsiveness, and availability. Shoghi can task our Various Optical and SAR satellites with your provided coordinates and offer you High-Resolution Pre – Processed imagery for your immediate utilization and Decision Making.

Shoghi’s On Demand Satellite Imaging subscription enables you to be the first to obtain geographic information over your territory, which can be tailored to accommodate your application needs no matter what industry you’re in.

Shoghi has experienced Manpower in the Field of Image processing and Analytics. We can submit new collections for your area of interest and provide detailed Image Processing as per your requirements. Please contact Shoghi’s Team to get a quote for your area. Shoghi can ensure best of the quality of Image reception and processing at the lowest costs available.

Key Features

  • Can provide On Demand High Resolution Pre Processed Satellite Images.
  • Access to Archival Data.

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