System Integration

System Integration

With Shoghi, you can solve complex management and technical problems using a structured, proven methodology that delivers fast results.

Shoghi provides system engineering and integration services for software and hardware development programs as well as research and development programs. Our systems engineering process is based on standard Defence approved practice, but makes extensive use of latest modeling and simulation methods. Our analytical tools and in-house subject matter expertise can identify key technology gaps and integration issues far upstream. We have the technical expertise to design detailed specifications that will meet requirements as well as define scientific, engineering and test programs to fill technology gaps.

Shoghi’s systems engineering services apply advanced methodologies to solve an array of complex management and technical challenges for military and industrial organizations. One such challenge: managing today's materials acquisition programs for the armed forces—and ensuring adherence to their strict cost, performance, and schedule mandates. Using our systems engineering approach, Shoghi has developed an effective acquisition-logistics system for that and which has been repeatedly proven in the field.

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