OEM Software Services

OEM Software Services

Shoghi Communications Ltd has been a designer of various ISR sensors, a System integrator with multitude of technologies covering ISR and EW and a premier defense contractor for various customers including defense and intelligence agencies across the world. The various projects for customers in the interiors and border areas of their countries have given Shoghi valuable experience to work in various types of terrain and weather conditions. This has resulted in the development of a very niche skill set which could be useful for both new OEMs as well as system integrators for various types of white labelled products and services in the fields for software development for auxiliary tasks.

Software Development and Infrastructure

Customized software development for specific applications has been a major thrust area at Shoghi for the purpose of integration with various sensors and the data intercepted. Every sensor or probe generates large amount of intercepted content and metadata. Shoghi has developed numerous applications for the capturing of this information for each type of sensor and the datasets generated and has integrated this in multiple solutions as per specific requirements of its customers. These can be offered as white labelled products to OEMs who wish to avail such support functions.

Shoghi has the capability to be able to capture the datasets and content intercepted in various probes and sensors in customized databases. This provides the ability to integrate the data generated and carry out processing of data for generation of intelligence. Merger of data from individual sensor databases from different vendors is also another challenging task. Each sensor has its own communication medium specific parameters which are detected by respective sensor or probe and given as metadata along with the respective content. Merger of data from multiple inputs from different sensors like VSAT Monitoring, Thuraya Monitoring and IsatPhone Monitoring has been undertaken by Shoghi for its customers for unified processing capabilities. This provides capabilities for using higher levels of processing tools for data mining and big data analysis. Shoghi offers its services for system integrators and OEMs for performing such tasks under tight project timeframes.

The information generated from an ISR sensor or probe consists of both the content in the form of speech or data and the associated metadata. This needs to be stored in a suitable database for easy access and processing. The exploitation of the information obtained from any sensor depends upon the ease provided to the monitoring staff of the customer in terms of a very friendly GUI and various selection options. Many times the GUI developed by respective sensor developers do not have user friendly GUIs which make the utilization and exploitation of the system very difficult for the local operators. Customers desire GUIs for sensors or central processing systems in their respective local languages for enhancing its utilization potential by their monitoring operators with limited technical knowledge and language skills and also to reduce the training time before deployment. The need to provide this GUI even in the local language of the customer to enhance its utilization by operators is a challenging task. Shoghi with its vast experience in handling projects in four large continents can provide its services to ensure the development of such user friendly GUI for individual sensors or central processing systems in local languages within accelerated timeframe to ensure delivery in tight timelines for OEMs and system integrators. White labelled products for such requirements can be provided by Shoghi as a service.



When a large number of diverse sensors are integrated for common processing, there is a requirement for creating a centralized database for all the intercepted traffic at Central Headquarters. In such cases there are various systems like GSM Monitoring System, Thuraya Monitoring System, VSAT Monitoring System etc. which use different compressed formats for storage of intercepted voice sessions. During implementation of such unified processing systems it is better to create unified format for storing of voice sessions so that the problems of cross platform implementation becomes easier and any changes in respective systems would only entail a change in the unified decoder application which can be periodically updated and easily implemented over the entire processing system software application.

Shoghi has implemented projects for its diverse military and intelligence customers with installations in remote sites with need to transfer the intercepted signals and traffic without data losses from these remote sites to the Central Headquarters of the customers for further processing by their specialist staff for systems like Transportable Thuraya L band Monitoring System or Iridium Monitoring System. This has led to development of a unique Secure Transfer Protocol (STP) which ensures the encryption of the data using Shoghi proprietary Secure and Fast Stream Cipher algorithm for data transfer on public or hired media in order to ensure the secrecy of information transferred. This provides the capability to ensure failsafe method of data transfer in a fully secure manner between a remote sensor site and the central database and processing system installed at Headquarters of customers to ensure data integrity at all times. This can be employed for any kind of sensor for the transfer of its intercepted content and generated metadata.



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