Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

0ur corporate ethics is deep rooted sense of discipline to discern good and right from bad and wrong through tough business situations. And this sense of business ethics stands by Shoghi individuals and teams in deciding when an act is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Our refined high standards of business deals based on honesty and integrity are of utmost importance to Shoghi and this ethically professional conduct is maintained in all our business affairs.

Our high standards are maintained and visible in the actions and conduct of all Shoghi personnel. Our employees are well aware that it is their obligation to conduct themselves in a manner that ensures the maintenance of these standards and enhance Shoghi's reputation. Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct document is distributed to each employee. Shoghi's management is committed to the ideas, principles and procedures described in the document. Our hard-earned reputation for the highest standards of business conduct is of the great importance to Shoghi.

We do what is right because our commitment to honesty and integrity engenders and increases the invaluable business trust in our customers and that is the corner stone of our success. We are law abiding Indian citizens with great respect for all the countries with which we do business. We are responsible for all our actions.

We understand the importance of our missions and projects and the trust our customers place in us. They trust in our ability, works as a propulsive force, to push us to excel in every aspect of our business and to deliver more than their expectations. We approach every challenge with a determination to excel and succeed.

We are aware that our success depends on our talent, skills and the technical expertise of our people and our ability to function as a integrated team. We appreciate the natural diversity but believe that unreserved respect expressed honestly for our colleagues, customers, partners and all those with whom we interact is an essential element to develop and maintain positive and productive business relationships.

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