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Secure Hardened Android Phone

Shoghi has designed a totally Secure Hardened Android phone, which comes with a Specialized Operating system to prevent Hackers from remotely compromising your device , from all major vulnerabilities and exploits including protection from zero-days.

Hardened Android Phone, delivered by Shoghi , provides the protection from kernel level and allows only pre-signed & pre-checked applications to be installed on to the device. It comes with a fully verified boot, covering all firmware and OS partitions to prevent it from all major available vulnerabilities and exploits. Hardened Phone support Full Disk Encryption at the file system layer which is always enabled, covering all data (AES-256-XTS) and metadata (AES-256-CBC+CTS).

Hardened Phone can be loaded with our Kalypso application to allow its users to provide End to End encrypted voice calls, Encrypted text conversations, Encrypted file sharing, Encrypted group chat and Encrypted video message.

Key Features

  • Provide protection from Zero Day/Malware attack
  • Equipped with specialised Operating system to prevent Hackers
  • Can provide protection form major vulnerabilities
  • Provides protection form exploits
  • Support kernel level Protection and allows only pre-signed & pre-checked applications
  • fully verified boot
  • Network Hardening
  • Device Sandboxing
  • Full Disk Encryption at the file system layer
  • Protection from Trojan
  • Remote Intrusion Security

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