The impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is upending organisations around the world and changing daily life for everyone. This crisis requires new safeguards for people, such as moving workforces to remote locations, Maintain Safe Distancing & Healthy Nutrition and Hygiene.

Majority of Workforce is now operating remotely and using pre -established Home Wifi / Broadband / Cellular Data Networks and devices. This is creating a pressing need to not only Ensure Secure Information Flow but also provide Government agencies to make sure that everyone is following Safe Distancing Measures. Real time Control of Fake News is becoming a major challenge too.

Shoghi, with its vast experience in designing Country Wide Network Intelligence, Situational Awareness and Information Assurance capabilities, can provide Real time information collection and Processing systems to Global National Security and Intelligence agencies, to achieve Actionable Real Time Intelligence and Secure Information Flow, during this challenging period.

To confront this crisis, we all
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Identification and Geolocation

During this crisis, many Nations have opted for country wide Lockdowns , in order to ensure that there is minimal community spread and public maintains Social Distancing. This has definitely helped in flattening the curve and lowering down the spread of the Virus.

Shoghi, provides Real Time Geolocation Solutions to track and locate Mobile Devices span in the region and can identify if people are maintaining Isolation / Quarantine effectively and are not violating Safe Distancing requirements. Our Open Source Intelligence Systems can provide Nation Sates with real time processed information on what social media posts are being made, locations and topics.


Fake News Detection and Network Intelligence

With Availability of multiple Social Media Platforms and Instant Messaging Applications, Most of the users are using it as their primary source of information exchange. It also comes as no surprise that there is a fair amount of FAKE NEWS that gets propagated by these platforms. During a global pandemic like COVID-19, misinformation could easily escalate to a point where it becomes a matter of life and death and create False Panic in the country.

Shoghi, with its NETWORK INTELLIGENCE and CONTENT FILTERING solutions, can monitor Country wide Social Media Usage , Scan Individual Posts and Provide Geolocation of the person who has initiated such Fake Information upload. These systems can be also used to Block certain Instant Messaging applications used to spread such Fake Information and even block VPN’s and TOR Usability.


Counter Terrorism in times of COVID-19

Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19 and resulting change of focus of States from Border and National Security, many Anti-National elements are using this opportunity to find ways and means to infiltrate country’s region and carrying out terrorist attacks, resulting in creating a high level of Panic and Insecurity.

Shoghi’s Border Security and Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Solutions provide Constant Round the Clock Passive Communication Intelligence Collection and Automated Information Processing, enabling the Agencies to achieve Situational Awareness about new Threat Vectors and Detect Anomalies and Pattern Changes, in real time.


Cyber Threat Detection and Security

As the world’s focus has shifted to the COVID-19 outbreak, hackers are finding ways to launch different forms of cyber-attacks. With most people working from home, outside of the office network on their personal devices, cybercriminals are maximising on the vulnerabilities resulting in information loss, privacy breaches, systems being held at ransom or permanent compromise of device data.

Shoghi, through its Cyber Intelligence Division can provide Real Time Threat Analysis of such Vulnerable networks and devices and propose security patches. Our Dark Web Analysis team and Intelligence solutions provide information, from various hacking platforms on vulnerabilities on specific networks along with the appropriate security patches which can be implemented.

Apart from Threat Detection, our experienced Cyber Intelligence team can support the customer by providing OSINT capabilities leading to Target Exposure and Profiling , Expose Fake Identities , Monitoring and Analysing Crowd Trends & behaviour , Automated Language Analysis, Visual Link Analysis , Meta Data Analysis and More.


Secure Messaging and Encrypted Information Transfer

As many people are working from Home, even Government Officials / Diplomats or Security Personnel’s are working remotely , it becomes even more important to adopt a Verified Secure Information Sharing Capability. Available Instant messaging Applications like WhatsApp / Signal / Skype / Telegram etc. have their Servers established in third countries, making it susceptible for Compromise. Whereas popular Video Conferencing Applications like Zoom and similar Apps have backend servers established in China or otherwise, where all the traffic of such Video Conference may be stored or recorded for later review and Intelligence Collection.

Lot of Agencies worldwide are now relying on these available technologies to keep in touch and share discreet and confidential information during these times which will lead to confidential Information leakage.

Shoghi, provides Verified End to End Instant Messaging / Secure Voice – Video and Group Calling application, which comes with Military Grade Encryption Algorithm, Customer Controlled Key management and On Premise Server. Our Messaging server is installed at your own location , hence there is no fear of messages being read by any Foreign Governments or compromise.

Customer provided Algorithm and Key management Integration provides enhanced security experience to the users. Every message is encrypted with a truly Random Key, making this application as one of the strongest End to END Ciphered Messaging Tool. The customers can increase the security level, by installing this Secure Messaging Applications on our Specially Designed Hardened Phones, which uses Specialised Operating systems which restricts any Remote Intrusion or Malware installation.

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