Military Grade Secure Messaging Application - Kalpyso (Kalypso)

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Military Grade Secure Messaging Application - Kalpyso

Secure Messenger Application (Code name : Kalypso) is a revolutionary Application designed to provide its users with end-to-end secure communication (Text, Voice and Video) using proprietary robust communication protocol / 256 bit military grade encryption algorithm with an On Premises Server.

Unlike other Commonly available Messaging Applications Like WhatsApp / Telegram/ Signal / Line / WeChat etc, Kalypso provides its users with a total Secure Messaging Environment. As the Servers are installed in your own Premises / Country , the full control of Application ( Server and the software installed on device) remains with the User. The Encryption Algorithm can be customised / Ported as per User requirements and even the Key Generation ( Seed Key / Random Noise Source) is decided by the User. This enables a truly Secure Messaging application for Users who may be in country or even travelling internationally.

The SCL-SMA is designed to operate seamlessly on Mobile devices iOS & Android and can be made available for (Windows / Blackberry) and can work on any networks (GSM -3G-4G -5G / CDMA / WiFi etc.)

All the available facilities of a conventional Messaging applications ( Inter platform / Text Messaging / Voice – Video Calling / Group Messaging / File and Data transfer Etc.) , along with Auto Destruct / Device Hardening feature is provided with the Application. Kalypso generates pair of unique one time 256 bit session keys for each chat session, voice call and video call, which are automatically destroyed after completion of session.

The architecture of the SCL-SMA has been designed in a such a manner that it ensures the 100 % delivery of the message and displays message details like sent time, received time and read time.

Kalypso provides a robust Field Proven platform for Government users to share and interact with their counterparts with full end-to-end security and On premises Server deployment. Application server has been designed to provide a total proprietary Signalling Envelop over the communication for Secure Key Transfer, irrespective of the communication medium or platform.


  • User Specific Military Grade encryption implementation
  • On Premise Server Deployment
  • User Customisable Random Key Generation
  • High grade point to point encryption using 256 bit unique session key
  • Secure Text, Voice and Video chat facilities with file transfer
  • Can display message details like sent time, received time and read time
  • Secure Group chatting feature extending to all forms of Text, Voice and Video
  • Proprietary robust communication and Signalling protocol
  • Two level encryption mechanism for ensuring the security of information
  • Capable of working across mobiles, tablets and desktops/laptops
  • Excellent voice / video quality with low latency
  • File transfer for sharing of images, photos, music, documents or other data types
  • Can work on any type of available communication network in which data connectivity is possible

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