Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Shoghi provides a wide range of ESM/ECM/ELINT systems under its Electronic Warfare (EW) umbrella for airborne or ground based systems which can be used for interception and processing of electronic transmissions and also for jamming and denial of the usage of the radio frequency spectrum to the  adversaries.

The RCIED Jammers are available in multiple formats which can be in manpack or vehicular role depending upon the task required to performed. The respective parts of spectrum which require to be jammed are also can also be varied depending upon the cellular bands in use, threat perception from cell phones or radio based devices employed for activation of IEDs.

The ECM component of Electronic Warfare (EW) is provided by vehicle based jammers for radio communications which are fully equipped stand-alone jammers. These are versatile EW systems and cover the bands used for tactical radio communications on the battle field with wideband receivers connected to DF antennae for recognizing the direction of transmissions and directional antennae for jammers which are all controlled by operators.

Another area of EW where Shoghi has customized solutions, is the field of Area Protection Jammers. The GPS jammers form part of this portfolio which can be used for the protection of sensitive areas or important sites from coverage of satellite based navigation capabilities like GPS or other similar Satnav systems for providing security of anonymity of exact locations.  Shoghi also caters for specific area jammers for various communication media like jamming of specific TV channels or VSAT transmissions, FM channels, satellite phone systems or cell phones.

Shoghi also offers its superior ELINT systems under its EW umbrella which span the entire radar bands for detection of any ground based or airborne radars which can form a formidable ELINT platform. These consist of both static and mobile platforms which can provide long range detection capabilities against adversary radars.



Shoghi Communications is a leader in Electronic Warfare Solutions. Our Electronic warfare systems interpret wide range of electronic signals from enemy’s territory. Electronic Warfare involves jamming or spoofing an adversary’s electronic sensing or electronic communications. Common examples include detecting communications at a certain frequency and then jamming that frequency or detecting an incoming radar signal and responding with a simulated return signal indicating a location. In today’s world, Electronic Warfare is often overlapping with ISR. Shoghi provides Electronic warfare systems for airborne and ground platforms which include: RCIED Jammers RF Jammer Area Protection Jammers ESM – Electronic Support Measures/ ELINT – Electronic Intelligence Systems Shoghi has a large portfolio of products under its category of Electronic Warfare. Traditional Electronic Warfare (EW) has three main elements of Electronic Support Measures (ESM), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM). Shoghi portfolio of products under EW are concentrated under the ESM and ECM umbrellas. The ESM products are passive means to monitor transmissions of various communication systems. Shoghi has covered these products in the numerous fields of satellite monitoring which covers both C/Ku band satellite monitoring, VSAT Monitoring, satellite phone monitoring under heads of Thuraya /Iridium / IsatPhone Monitoring, GSM/CDMA monitoring and Radio Monitoring using wideband scanning and multiple channel receivers. These are adequately covered under the head of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) products. Shoghi has a large group of products under ECM which are covered under the Shoghi EW umbrella. Shoghi offers a wide variety of satellite downlink jammers for covering all types of satellite communications. Jammers of Thuraya, Iridium and Inmarsat IsatPhone downlink signals are available for use by government agencies against adversaries and terrorists who may try to commit terrorist actions deep within own territory in sensitive areas. C and Ku band satellite downlink jammers are available for jamming of VSAT links across the border of adversaries. These can jam a wide frequency band which is part of the downlink spectrum. These can also be used for jamming of specific satellite TV channels which provide subversive content in sensitive areas to incite the local people to indulge in violence against the government. A jammer for FM radio can also be provided for the same purpose against disruptive propaganda in border areas from across the border. The jammers in GSM bands for countering IEDs placed along roads or preventing mobile communication in sensitive areas like military installations are available in both manpack and vehicle based configurations. Manpack jammers can be used for protection of soldiers during patrolling along roads or on cross country operations. Vehicle based mobile communication jammers covering required frequency bands of operations can be provided by Shoghi for protection of convoys and covering movement of VIPs. Jamming of traditional combat radio communications using stand-alone jammers can be provided to augment the EW capability of military forces. This can complement the radio monitoring and DF systems with capability of even jamming frequency hopping. There are several jammers for carrying out denial of GPS/Glonass service in sensitive locations. These can be localized ones but they can also be targeted against UAVs or drones using such satellite based navigation systems. Long range systems for denial of such satellite navigation over long distances can also be provided for protection of highly sensitive sites against satellite navigated missile threats. Shoghi has an Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) portfolio of products which range from portable radar detection systems which will indicate illumination by a radar to highly sophisticated mobile ELINT systems which are transportable over land sea or air and deployable by a small team of soldiers. Shoghi also can provide a large scale ELINT system which can detect radar transmissions at very long distances of even 700 km which can be provided a set of static stations to cover border areas giving both accurate short and long range coverage using a set of well-spaced stations.

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