Netshield is highly innovative product designed to Automatically handle the challenge of country wide web filtering and content blocking. NetShield offers carrier-grade URL filtering solution & efficiently filters high bandwidth networks without introducing latency.

The system has been integrated with the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit, to provide with an up to date list consisting of over 5000 terrorism related websites and content. Depending upon the situation in the country, the system can be easily configured to allow Government agencies to block the Social Media traffic, Messenger Applications, VoIP Calls and pornographic content etc.

The unit also provides flexibility to block negative posts on Twitter/Facebook etc which may be against government or their policies.

A centralized multi-tenant feature of this solution allows to control multiple units deployed at different ISPs, from central location for policy updation on single click.
NetShield filter directly in whatever language the content is originally presented. This allows for more accurate and efficient filtering solution.

Key Features

  • Country wide Content Filtering and Blocking
  • URL Filtering
  • Blocking of VPNs
  • Blocking of Skype Calls
  • Blocking of Signal Messenger
  • Blocking of IMO
  • Blocking of specific Facebook posts*
  • Blocking of specific Tweets*
  • Blocking of Facebook Messenger*
  • Blocking of web proxies
  • Blocking of VoIP calls
  • Blocking of WhatsApp voice Calls
  • Blocking of Telegram
  • Blocking of pornography
  • Blocking of other websites as directed by competent authority

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Note:- All the system / equipments offered by us are for end - usage by Government or Ministry of Defence or its related agencies only and not for private or commercial usage.