Border Surveillance

Border Surveillance

Shoghi offers its new portfolio of products for its discerning customers all over the world in the field of border surveillance. Ensuring the security and sanctity of its borders is a prime task for any nation for the security of the nation. Prevention of incursion by hostile elements, militants, prevention of activities like illegal human trafficking, smuggling of narcotics, arms and ammunition are tasks performed by homeland or border security organizations. The integrated surveillance solution also can be effectively used by reconnaissance and observation units of mobile formations of the defence forces for their operational tasks.

The set of products offered include electro-optic systems including thermal and optical cameras, portable radars which can be integrated to create a unified system for comprehensive and persistent surveillance in the border areas. Also, in the portfolio is a mobile ELINT system which can be used for detection of all types of radars being used by adversaries.

The electro-optic system consists of combination of a thermal and optical camera fitted on a pan-tilt unit which can be used for surveillance on full-time basis. The thermal camera includes both options of cooled or uncooled versions which provide surveillance capabilities during night and low visibility conditions. These can be integrated with various networking options for providing remote monitoring capabilities at central locations.

Portable Ground surveillance radars can be provided which offer long range detection capabilities for human intrusion or vehicle movements in border areas especially during both day and night. These can be made either man portable or fitted on vehicles for rapid movement and deployment in required border areas.

Integration of radars and electro-optic camera systems can be carried out for passing of information of activity on radars can be passed on to the camera systems covering the respective area can be carried out with specialist software based integration to be able to have a fully integrated border surveillance capability.

Mobile ELINT systems which can be man portable or fitted on vehicles is available for defence customers for detection of various multiple types of radars used in the battlefield, on aircraft and maritime systems. The system can also be deployed on ships or smaller vessels for enhancing the ELINT capabilities.



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