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VSAT Monitoring System


VSAT MonitoringShoghi’s VSAT Monitoring SystemSCL-VMS is a passive VSAT acquisition, decoding and processing platform capable of automated interception of iDirect and Hughes (HNS) VSAT networks.

The system consists of a combination of multichannel receivers, demodulators, decoders, high performance decryption hardware, IP processing modules and an Interactive post processing application.

VSAT Monitoring The system performs automated search and classification of VSAT types and provides preview of the transmitted content. This helps the operators to choose and select the VSAT signal of interest in a very fast manner with limited efforts. The system provides automated correlation and pairing of HUBs with associated terminals reducing considerable efforts.

Salient Features:

VSAT Monitoring Intercepts inbound and outbound traffic through VSAT HUB and Terminals operating on C and Ku-band
VSAT Monitoring System can intercept, decode and decrypt
  • iDirect Infinity
  • iDirect Evolution
  • iDirect Netmodem
  • HNS DirecWay
  • HNS HughesNet
More VSATS can be added upon customer request.
VSAT Monitoring System houses high performance multichannel receivers, each one of which can process up to 48 VSAT frequency channels including up to 4 HUBs.
VSAT Monitoring System performs fully automated scanning of entire frequency band of satellite of interest.
VSAT Monitoring Automated identification and classification of VSAT carriers, their parameters and information payload.
VSAT Monitoring System shall provide preview of traffic payload from the scanned VSAT signal. The system will also provide the location of the terminal based
on the Pubic IP transmitted.
VSAT Monitoring Automated association and pairing of HUB transmission with their corresponding VSAT terminals.
VSAT Monitoring Real time processing of downlink control channels for reception of TDMA and MF-TDMA uplink transmissions from VSAT terminals.
VSAT Monitoring DES Decryption Unit integrated with the system to provide Key Recovery and online decryption of content of Hughes DirecWay VSAT transmission.
VSAT Monitoring System provides Plain Voice, Fax, Http Pages, E-mails with attachment, downloaded files etc.
VSAT Monitoring System has Built-in VOIP decoders to decode and produce all Voice Sessions transmitted on Voice over IP.
VSAT Monitoring User friendly operator GUI to view all RF and traffic information in single console.
VSAT Monitoring System is equipped with high capacity storage and archiving capability.
VSAT Monitoring System can be integrated with text and speech analysis tools based on
strong Military Grade algorithms to filter intercepts on the basis of Word
and Topic Spotting, Language and Speaker Identification
VSAT Monitoring Modular solution in both hardware and software which can be enhanced based on specific customer requirements.
VSAT Monitoring