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Convoy Protection Jammer


The Vehicle based broadband Jammer SCL-6024 family is a mobile wide band jammer covering the frequency range from 20MHz to 6000 MHZ. The entire frequency range is split in different modules to be able to jam specific types of communication system like Radio Sets, GSM2G/3G Cell Phones, GPS receivers or Satellite phones.

The Jammer is equipped with 36 modules for SCL-6024 and 40 modules for SCL-6026 which are mounted in a common transmitter unit (Rack Case) which is installed in the vehicle. The Jammer is controlled from the remote controlled unit located in the vehicle.

Jammer can work in both static and mobile models. It has its own shock absorbing system for being able to work in a mobile mode of operation. The jammer is also equipped with filter ventilation system and an electronic protection system to ensure flawless operation.

Salient Features:

Vehicle-integrated jammer can be deployed for convoy protection
Operates in the frequency range of 20-6000MHz covering VHF/UHF, GSM, CDMA, UMTS etc.
Barrage Jamming using fast random scanning technique
Remote control system to provide on/off switching for each individual frequency band
High Power operation over wide frequency band with total output power > 2400
Modular operation to maximise jamming effect in respective frequency bands
Can work in static and mobile modes for operation over long durations
Equipped with battery back-up for continuous silent operation
Independent cooling system
Equipped with RF protection shielding for safety of the people in the car
Fully concealed inside an overhead compartment for antenna system
Equipped with shock absorbing system for operation in mobile mode