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Integrated Command Control Application for Post Processing of COMINT Data

Situational awareness and tactical decision making are critical elements of a successful surveillance strategy. In traditional scenarios, agencies were deploying different surveillance systems such as Thuraya Monitoring System, Iridium Monitoring System, GSM/CDMA Monitoring System, Wi-Fi Monitoring, C/Ku-Band Satellite Monitoring, VSAT Monitoring System, Lawful Interception, HF/VHF/UHF Monitoring and Optical Surveillance at different locations. Processing of the acquired information from all the systems at central location was a challenge because of the fact that each surveillance system has its own database format, which was not compatible with the database of other systems.

The above mentioned systems or sensors generate large amount of information in terms of voice calls, SMS, e-mails with attachments, webpages, optical images and service information, when deployed over a sustained period of time. Processing of large traffic at the field locations thus becomes difficult once multiple sensors are deployed remotely. Also, the deployment of specialist personnel like translators, highly trained technical personnel for data mining and other specialist applications who are fewer in number at a central location where all the data is made available is the best option. This can be done at the headquarters of the organization where adequate space for data archiving, deployment of large number of specialist personnel is possible and facility for specialist applications can easily be developed.

Shoghi Communications has built a command and control application to address the above mentioned challenges. Shoghi offers an Integrated Command and Control Platform with unified database where your organisation can deploy different ISR, EW and Optical Surveillance sensors, at different parts of the country and receive the intercepted information from all the sensors at the headquarters and have a unified processing system.

Intelligence collection sensors like GSM, Satellite, GMPCS (Thuraya, Iridium, ISAT Phone), Radio and optical surveillance and automated information processing tools integrated at Command and Control Centre provide an unmatched capability to any country to plan and strategize its future political alignments, border control, defence planning, anti-terrorist measures and homeland security. The command and control application along with various sensors offered by Shoghi will enable your organisation to gather in-house or cross-border commercial, military and diplomatic information and process the same in a totally passive manner.

The setup of above mentioned Communications Interception Sensors with a unified Command and Control will provide a strong COMINT and Electronic Warfare capability. All systems are equipped with state of the art, cutting edge technologies and will enhance the technical knowhow of your personnel and improve their working efficiency.

The command and control platform will provide you the means for quick decision making to deploy the required security measures and actions both within the country and beyond.