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Emerging Trends In Defence Strategy And Policy

National security strategies and policies have evolved frequently over the years. The constant transformations are the result of new and stronger threat developments. These strategies immediately impact the armed forces' ability to defeat adversaries of all types. As of 2023, a few emerging trends in defence strategy and policy are revolutionising the workings of military bases across the globe. Such as:

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence In The Military System

AI adoption in defence has significantly risen in the past few years. It has enhanced computational military reasoning for ISR missions: Surveillance, Intelligence and Reconnaissance. Using computer vision improves equipment safety management of the defence department. It also helps in managing autonomous weapon systems and decreases the chances of soldier casualties.

On the other hand, machine learning helps defence equipment providers analyse new military product iterations and provide intuitive maintenance for military equipment and other assets. It is one of the essential emerging trends in defence strategy and policy that embraces self-organising intelligence systems. Thus, these systems can work simultaneously towards a strategic defence goal.

Shoghi's defence communications product, Portable Ground Surveillance Radar, uses AI-powered multi-sensor integration software. It provides an intuitive UI and customisable alert mechanism which identifies, classifies and evaluates the threats' whereabouts timely.

Development of Advanced And Sophisticated Defence Equipment

Militaries focus on building and adopting innovative and sophisticated equipment to counter new national security threats effectively. Some underway examples include the development of hypersonic flights, space Militarisation, and directed energy weapons.

International military departments are investing in battlefield electrification techniques. It has increased the value of electronic warfare systems. Thus, there is a rise in the introduction of products like RF jammers and Anti-drone systems in the defence military space.

Inclusion of Robotics And Autonomous Systems In Defence

Militaries are encouraging the idea of reducing soldiers' physical and cognitive workload. The interest in covering areas where human surveillance is impossible through robotics has also grown. Thus, RAS or Robotics And Autonomous systems integration in military systems has become a new trend. RAS ensures a high possibility of mission accomplishments without putting soldiers at risk.

The aim is to get timely situational awareness without physically being on the battlefield. Introducing multi-machine robots will facilitate quick landmine clearance, explosive ordnance disposal, effective search rescue operations and better logistics support.

Introduction of IoT And Cohesive Networks In Defence-bases

The trend of embedding computing and sensing devices on soldiers' armour and equipment is ongoing. It helps connect several biometric data that are both static and dynamic.

IoT has multiple valuable applications in defence. It connects drones, planes, ships, tanks, operating bases, and soldiers in a single network. It improves understanding and perception of field operating bases, leading to better response time.

Technologies like 5G, Artificial intelligence, and Edge computing are the main components that allow data flow across all military branches. It strengthens the overall control and command structure of defence. Shoghi's messaging app, Kalypso, can aid this trend. It allows 256-bit end-to-end encryption on all shared messages among military bases. Users get full control of the Application and prevent Third Party Interception. The instant messaging app enhances the physical security of soldiers.

Final Words

The world is witnessing a fast-changing scenario with new arms races and technological advancements. These are likely to impact the future of defence strategy and policy significantly. Shoghi is one such company that provides new, Avant-grade technology as national and international security solutions.

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