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Passive Geolocation of Satellite Ground Stations/VSATs provides great benefits to Defence forces and Intelligence organisations in order to geolocate Satellite terminals across borders in order to ascertain approximate locations of Battalions / Naval Platforms / Make shift communication posts.
Geolocation Techniques

This technique requires at least one reference carrier and ephemeris data of both main and mirror satellite in order to provide the good level of accuracy...
Geolocation using TDOA-TDOA measurement is performed to geolocate moving targets like VSAT Terminals on Ship or Vehicle…
Satellite Ephemeris Parameter
Geolocation Accuracy
The major source of Geolocation error is from the satellite ephemeris data. The accuracy of the Target carrier depends upon the following:
Ephemeris data accuracy of main and mirror satellite
Accuracy of Reference Carrier Station
Signal Characteristics (e.g. modulation type, bandwidth)
Detection and Geolocation of Carrier Under Carrier
It is hard for system operator to identify carries which are working on Carrier-Under-Carrier technology using traditional methodology. Geolocation system offered by Shoghi has got built-in capability to first identify the carriers which are working on Carrier-under-Carrier and then locate them..
The system offered by Shoghi has a unique capability to locate stationary targets (using downlink of two satellites) as well as moving targets (using downlinks of three satellites). The system has an exceptional advantage as it does not have any dependency as required by other systems available in the market..