Satellite Geo-location System (SCL-SILS)

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Satellite Geo-location

Satellite Identification & Location System (SCL-SILS) has been designed to identify and locate sources of Satellite transmission. The system is useful to the intelligence and defense agencies to identify the sources of satellite transmission of their adversaries and locate the terminals.

The terminal location technique is based on the principle of simultaneous determination of the Differential Slant Range and Differential Slant Range Rate, which are determined by knowledge of the satellite position and velocity. Measurement of Time & Frequency Difference of Arrival of the interfering signal is made through use of signals retransmitted by the interfered satellite and by an adjacent satellite, and received by two monitoring earth stations. This operation requires only a few minutes and can be used to find locations of mobile terminals.


  • Integrated System with RF components for acquistion and down conversion combined with signal processing
  • Uses Technique of receiving same satellite signals from two different satellites with TDOA & FDOA method for signal processing
  • Can be used for locating satellite transmitters quickly and accurately within a range of 10 Kms

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