Satellite Terminal Geolocation System (SCL-STGS)

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Satellite Geo-location

Satellite Terminal Geolocation System is designed to identify and locate sources of satellite transmission such as satellite gateway, VSAT Hub and VSAT terminals etc. The system is useful to the intelligence and defense agencies to identify the sources of satellite transmission of their adversaries and locate the terminals on digital map.

The STGS does the process of satellite geolocation using  advanced processing algorithms based on Time Division of Arrival (TDOA)and Frequency Division of Arrival(FDOA).  A most unique feature of the STGS is the use of an integrated Satellite Orbital Estimation System (SOES) along with this application in order to get the orbital parameters of target satellite and the selected adjacent satellite.

Key Features

  • Can perform geolocation of Carrier-in-Carrier Satellite/VSAT carriers
  • Can be deployed in L,S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands of satellite communications
  • Fully passive system which cannot be detected
  • Very high accuracy for geolocation of satellite terminals using innovative techniques
  • Ability to estimate accurate satellite orbital information of target satellites using integrated orbital estimation system
  • Capable of identification of reference carriers on any chosen target satellite without using own or friendly sources of transmission

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