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Wi-Fi Monitoring System (SCL-2052)

Wi-Fi Monitoring System

Wi-Fi Monitoring System SCL-2052 is an off- the-air Wi-Fi interception system. The system is designed for law enforcement and security agencies to obtain valuable intelligence from both secure and unsecure networks. The SCL-2052 collects, decodes and process the traffic from the targeted Wi-Fi networks and provides Emails, Browsed web-pages, Chats and VoIP sessions along with session related information.

The SCL-2052 has an inbuilt hardware decryptor which is capable of breaking the WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK password in near real time. The system is also equipped with HTTPS decoder for decoding HTTPS/ SSL traffic from websites like Gmail, Facebook etc.

System Features:-

  • Intercept both secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks
  • Monitor up to 4 Wi-Fi networks simultaneously
  • Can work in both 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands
  • Uses proprietary technology to obtain access of targeted network
  • Intercept the traffic from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (Android & iPhone), Gmail, Yahoomail, VoIP session etc.
  • Tactical system designed in compact casing which allows its use for covert operation in crowded areas

Manpack RCIED Jammer (SCL-2680)

Manpack RCIED Jammer

Shoghi Communications has redesigned its Manpack RCIED Jammer (SCL-2680) to broadcast RF power in multiple RF bands to jam the radio receivers connected to the Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs). The SCL-2680 is highly portable and light weight for easy carriage by personnel through the hills and difficult terrain during operations.

SCL-2680 is an easy to carry, multi band jamming system integrated in a compact ruggedized light weight case for high mobility and reliable operations. The jammer is equipped with 4 different jamming modules which can cover 25 to 2700MHz frequency and can provide up to 150 watt maximum power. The system is designed to operate in plug and play manner where operator just needs to connect the antenna and activate the desired frequency bands. The system is designed to meets military requirements as well as international quality standards in terms of performance, reliable and long-life cycles. The Jammer can be used to protect a mobile column of troops or persons while moving on foot. The jammer can also be placed in a vehicle for greater mobility while having a protection cover against the radio controlled explosive devices. The SCL-2680 can be customized as per customer specific operational requirement.

The SCL-2680 is specifically designed to be used by Bomb Disposal Squads , VIP Protection Teams , Military Security Forces , Anti-terror units , Border Control Units and during RCIED Searching.

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