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HTTPS Interception Module (SCL-8000)


We are all living in the era of digital communications which has emerged as an electronic superhighway to connect the globe together using various social media sites, messenger applications, Webmail’s, email, VoIP calls etc. All these communications are secured using HTTPS protocol to protect the privacy of the users. There are various groups of anti-social element who uses the same media for criminal and malicious activities as we well as against the Government.

Intercepting the HTTPS traffic was a challenge for most of the agencies worldwide. To overcome this challenge, Shoghi has developed an HTTPS interceptor (SCL-8000) which can be used along with its LI and Wi-Fi Monitoring Systems.

The SCL-8000 intercepts the traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Browsed web-pages on Goggle, Chat Sessions, VoIP Session etc.

The SCL-8000 is designed to operate in Man in the Middle Attack (MITM) Mode. It can also be used in Offline Mode for decrypting previously captured HTTPS raw data when Private Key is available. In MITM mode, the HTTPS Interceptor acts as a proxy to the targeted device.

System Features:-

  • Intercept HTTPS/ SSL Internet Traffic
  • Decode the previously captured HTTPS traffic in offline mode
  • Work as a proxy to target device
  • Can be used with existing LI solution and Wi-Fi Monitoring system
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