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Iridium Monitoring System (SCL–3415)

ShoghiShoghi has designed various integrated systems for its Defense and Global Intelligence Gathering Customers to meet their COMINT Requirement. The System has been field-tested and can be customized for each specific requirement to meet your organization related needs.

Iridium Monitoring System (SCL-3415) is designed to intercept voice, SMS and data (optional) in IRIDIUM communication channels. The system is a completely passive device & does not interfere with satellite communication and therefore is absolutely undetectable.


  • The system can intercepts Iridium Phones.
  • Provides voice and SMS communication & decoded traffic along with call related information.
  • System operates on L-band and provides duplex communications.
  • Decoding (extraction of packets, demultiplexing, descrambling, deinterleaving, removal of a convolutional code) of digital streams.
  • Classification of the selected sessions by types of a useful load (speech, fax messages, data transmission) using symbolical messages.
  • Independent reception of up to 32 channels with the modulation rate 25 or 50 Kbps.
  • Processing of the received segments and commands with the purpose of identification in received streams of the beginning/ending of sessions.
  • Recording of session messages on magnetic media.
  • Managing databases (DB) of the saved sessions.
  • Final processing of sessions by records from a DB on the operator workstation with preparing reports.