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ShoghiShoghi has designed various integrated systems for its Defense and Global Intelligence Gathering Customers to meet their COMINT Requirement. The System has been field-tested and can be customized for each specific requirement to meet your organization related needs.”

Shoghi Wi-Fi interception system (SCl-2052) is a tactical solution for obtaining valuable data intelligence. Taking advantage of Wi-Fi communications, System obtains access to target devices and accounts. It extracts email messages, email attachments, social-network messages and data, web-browsing activity, and more. Going far beyond the interception of off-air traffic,  System employs innovative active measures to extract secured target data. The end-to-end System solution is built to carry out the entire interception process, from initial access to final analysis. With its tactical design, System supports covert operation in crowded areas.

Decodes and analyzes intercepted data in real time
Detects devices and networks and displays them on builtin map
Gains access to target devices in various scenarios
Intercept communication and overcomes SSL encrypted services


  • Can intercept both clear and encrypted wifi networks
  • Carries out the entire interception process in a single end-to-end solution
  • Increases operational effectiveness through an intuitive, map-based interface
  • Employs several kinds of tools to obtain user credentials and secured data
  • Offers robust field performance based on proprietary hardware
  • Features a tactical design for covert operation in crowded areas
  • Uses active measures to extract data from target’s accounts and devices System