C/Ku-Band DTH/VSAT Jamming System (SCL-3411)

Electronic WarfareArea Protection Jammer



C/Ku Band TV/VSAT Jamming System

C/Ku-Band Satellite Jamming System (SCL-3411) is designed and integrated for jamming of DTH and VSAT terminals by blocking the downlink signals of C/Ku-Band.The C/Ku-Band Satellite Jamming System is extremely useful for applications like jamming of known VSAT terminals being used for purposes inimical to national security or VSAT terminals used across the border by adversaries. It can be used for jamming of satellite TV based DTH channels spreading anti-government and anti-social content in sensitive areas.

Standard configuration of C/Ku-Band Satellite Jamming System is capable of jamming up to 12 frequencies simultaneously and provides jamming range up to 20Km, when deployed on static platforms. The entire system can also be fitted in a vehicle to be used in a mobile role. The antenna in this case will be fitted on a retractable mast and connected within the vehicle using a combination of rigid and flexible waveguides. The entire vehicle can be designed to function in a covert role.

Key Features

  • Capable of Jamming any downlink satellite frequency in C/Ku- band within a specified area
  • Maximum jamming bandwidth can be adjusted up to 30MHz
  • Can be customized for jamming 2/4/8/12/16 frequencies in C/Ku-band simultaneously
  • Can jam signals in both polarizations for C and Ku-bands simultaneously
  • Fully automated control system for setting up jamming parameters and system health monitoring
  • Fully integrated turnkey solution can be provided using standard satellite components
  • Static installation to cover fixed area
  • Can be integrated in vehicle for greater flexibility in deployment

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