VHF/UHF Frequency Hopping Jamming System (SCL-SSCTS)

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VHF/UHF Frequency Hopping Jamming System

Spread Spectrum Communications Tactical Countermeasures Systems (SCL-SSCTS) is a Direct Sequence and Frequency Hopping Communication Jamming system for tactical countermeasure operations. SCL-SSCTS covers the entire frequency range from 30 MHz to 3GHz at a single "look through" time frame of 50 μsec. "Look Through“time can be reduced down to even 1 μsec if very fast frequency hopping networks operate in the field. SCL-SSCTS operate distance up to 12 km from foe networks in Land Scenario and 6 Km in Naval Scenario. SCL-SSCTS hopping rate jamming capability is upto 20,000 Hops/sec with power output of 100W to 2KW.

The system is fully computer controllable either wireless or wired link .Depending on the customer's requirement the system can be housed in the small metallic box for low range applications or in truck mounted military shelter for long range applications. Other options are available upon customer request for placement on an aircraft or on a warship.

Key Features

  • Can be configured for operation in multiple frequency bands
  • Can cover VHF and UHF bands from 30MHz to 3 GHz for jamming of FH, DSSS, CW and burst L transmission
  • Can be upgraded for working for jamming SATURN and LINK-16 bands
  • Covers entire frequency range in a single 'look through' time frame of 50 μsec with hop rate upto 20,000 hops/sec
  • Fully computer controlled system which can be controlled remotely through wired or wireless link
  • High power jamming of specific frequencies upto 2 KW
  • Can jam upto 10 enemy radio FH/DSSS network simultaneously

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