Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System (SCL-1625TII)

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Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System

Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System (SCL-1625TII) is designed to intercept Voice, SMS and Text traffic from Satellite Phones operating on Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro Satellite networks. The system is pre-integrated & pre-configured in a compact ruggedized transportable casing for plug and play operations. SCL-1625TII intercepts the signals from L-band uplink (from Satellite Phones to Satellites) and downlink (from  Satellite to Satellite Phones) to provide the duplex calls up to 15 Kms with LOS and beyond that simplex calls. System is equipped state-of-the-art high performance Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro decryption module , Iridium proprietary protocol module  to provide processed intelligible output in the form of Voice, SMS and Text along with session related information such as Called Phone Number (for session initiated by Satellite Phone),Caller ID, TMSI/IMSI/IMEI and geo-location.

Key Features

  • Can intercept Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones Simultaneously
  • Compact rugged system which can be man carried
  • Can be used for clandestine operations
  • Can intercept up to 32 Thuraya , 32 Iridium and 32 IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones simultaneously.
  • Interception range of the system depends upon size of the spot beam i.e. up to 600Km radius in Thuraya,
    up to 400Km Km in IsatPhone Pro and up to 1000Km radius in Iridium Interception Mode 
  • Pre-integrated for automatic decryption of intercepted traffic from Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro network
  • Can display multiple targets on map with different colour flags for easy visual identification
  • Can perform geo-fencing to monitor the calls from specific area

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