Submarine Cable Monitoring System (SCL-SCMS)

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Submarine Cable Monitoring System

Shoghi has launched its Submarine Cable Monitoring System (SCL-SCMS) to cater for the growing need for monitoring of voice and data services occurring across international telecom links through submarine cable networks in most countries of the world. The system is completely passive and does not affect the existing communication network. SCL-SCMS provides an excellent platform to monitor Social Media in mass. SCL-SCMS is also equipped with CDR analysis application to perform the automatic linking and associations of the targets.

SCL-SCMS provides a unique facility to monitor traffic passing through the submarine optical and provides mass monitoring capability to Governments who would like to collect Big Data in order to process and reconstruct Social Media traffic.

Along with Voice,Fax, IP traffic system also provides the CDR which can be utilized for link analysis. System can decode the IP content till application layer and provides VoIP, Email with attachments, Browsed Webpages, Downloaded/Uploaded files etc.

SCL-SCMS is integrated with IP probe for deep packet inspection and monitoring of Internet traffic with complete protocol information. The system is equipped with Data Processing Module which is used for recording, retrieval, processing and archiving of decoded and reconstructed sessions. The sessions would be processed based on their respective traffic type such as voice, fax, SMS and with specific software modules.

The Data Processing Module also performs the processing of the voice and fax traffic which runs on international circuits working on E1/T1 streams or higher with SS7 or C5 signaling. The various parameters of Originating Point Code (OPC), Destination Point Code (DPC), Circuit Information Code (CIC) with calling and called numbers can be recorded along with the call content which can be played back by the monitoring operators.

Key Features

  • Completely passive monitoring capability which does not affect the existing communication network
  • Integrated system capable of monitoring all forms of voice from fixed and cellular networks , fax and IP traffic running on submarine cables across the oceans
  • Can decode the IP content up to application layer
  • Can provide Voice, VoIP, SMS, Fax, Email, Browsed Webpages, Downloaded/Uploaded files including email attachments etc.
  • Efficient solution for Social Media Monitoring and Reconstruction.
  • Automatic detection of signals and identification of protocols
  • Eliminates need for multitude of equipment for handling different protocol layers and services
  • Unified easy to use graphical user interface for management of entire system

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