Strategic C-Band Only Thuraya Monitoring System (SCL-5031S)

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Strategic C-Band Only Thuraya Monitoring System

The Strategic C-band only Thuraya Monitoring System is a fixed Thuraya acquisition platform for intercepting Thuraya traffic from C-band downlink, providing deciphered simplex calls and SMS along with call related information and geo-location of the Thuraya terminals on digital MAP.

The Strategic C-band only Thuraya monitoring system is very useful for the interception of Thuraya Traffic from the neighboring countries or the countries whose L-band spot beam is not visible from your location.

System uses state of art technology for deciphering of cipher algorithms used on Thuraya network. As the system is designed to intercept the C-band only, virtually it can intercept any spot beam of Thuraya Network if it is active and appears in the scanning. The number of spot beams and calls can be customized as per the customer requirement.

Key Features

  • System is designed to intercept Thuraya Communication from either Thuraya-2 or Thuraya-3 Satellite
  • Can be used to intercept the C-band only traffic
  • Can intercept up to 32 simplex calls simultaneously from 1 spot beam
  • Can be configure to intercept multiple C-band spot beams simultaneously as per customer requirnment
  • Integrated with a dedicated C-band scanning module to find out the mapping of L-band ARMCM in the C-band
  • The system can intercept calls initiated from PSTN to Thuraya phones, Thuraya phones to PSTN & Thuraya phones to Thuraya phones
  • Location of the target is shown on a digital map, integrated with the system or on Google
  • Supports geo-fencing to provide intercept from a specific region


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