Social Media Monitoring

The biggest phenomenon of the last decade has been the rapid expansion of social media across the world. The applications like Skype, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other similar applications have unleashed tremendous power to common users to communicate with one another and also the world at large to express their thoughts and feelings. These applications have also created huge databases of individual information like location, email id, mobile numbers, IP addresses and links to other individuals as part of their groups. This information is very important to national security agencies to identify potential terrorists and other criminal elements with their links to organizations of interest. Social media monitoring has now become an emerging requirement for ensuring law and order and national security. The social media monitoring involves many elements being put together to achieve this capability, which need to be combined effectively to deliver the required results.

Social Media Monitoring (SCL-SMM) provides a comprehensive tool in the modern times for the quick identification of suspects by social profiling of their activities to identify potential terrorists, criminals and anti-social elements and can provide detailed information of their associates, linkages, activities and locations which should be a made a compulsory weapon for the law enforcement and national security agencies of all nations in the world.

Key Features

  • Can be used to identify the potential terrorists, criminals and anti-social elements by social profiling of their activities.
  • Capable of providing the detailed information suspects and their associates, linkages, activities and locations.
  • The ability to monitor and aggregate new data over time for ongoing enforcement.
  • Can provide actionable intelligence.
  • Monitor individual & group profiles activities, covertly & effectively.

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