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Secure Messenger Application

Secure Messenger Application is a revolutionary product designed to provide its users with end-to-end secure communication (Text, Voice and Video) using proprietary robust communication protocol and 256 bit military grade encryption algorithm. The SCL-SMA is designed to operate seamlessly on any available operating system (iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows) available on mobiles/tablets or desktops (Windows, Mac OSX).The concept was visualized to create an inter-platform secure communication application for secure text / voice and video chats with file transfer capability. SCL-SMA generates pair of unique 256 bit session keys for each chat session, voice call and video call. After the secession these key will be destroyed by the SCL-SMA and will not be used again during its life cycle. The architecture of the SCL-SMA has been designed in a such a meaner that it ensures the 100 % delivery of the message and displays message details like sent time, received time and read time.

SCL-SMA provides a robust platform for Government users to share and interact with their counterparts with full end-to-end security. SCL-SMA server has been designed to provide a total security envelop over the communication irrespective of the communication medium or platform. The SCL-SMA server will be deployed at the customer preferred location and will provide the full control over it.


  • Military Grade encryption implementation
  • High grade point to point encryption using 256 bit unique session key
  • Secure Text, Voice and Video chat facilities with file transfer
  • Can display message details like sent time, received time and read time
  • Secure Group chatting feature extending to all forms of Text, Voice and Video
  • Proprietary robust communication protocol
  • Two level encryption mechanism for ensuring the security of information
  • Capable of working across mobiles, tablets and desktops/laptops
  • Designed to work on popular smartphones and tables having Android, BlackBerry and iPhone (iOS) operating system
  • Desktop version designed to work on Windows and Mac
  • Excellent voice / video quality with low latency
  • File transfer for sharing of images, photos, music, documents or other data types
  • Can work on any type of available communication network in which data connectivity is possible

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