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Primary Surveillance Radar

Shoghi PSR is highly flexible, high performance primary surveillance radar providing detection and measurement of aircraft coordinates within the terminal area, with further data transmission to ATC centres. It features a high-modular and fail-proof design, improved system stability, effective clutter attenuation and elimination of false targets with high probability of target detection.

The PSR consists of an antenna unit to be mounted on a tower and a shelter housing the equipments. The standard configuration of the antenna unit includes the antenna itself with a highly reliable rotary joint and a pedestal, comprising antenna support, dual-motor driving mechanism, intermediate base and other optional parts. The shelter contains all-solid, air-cooled transmitter, receiver & signal processor, track processor and other equipments. The system is user- friendly and easily expandable. Shoghi PSR can be complemented with our Shoghi MSSR monopulse secondary surveillance radar or radar from another manufacturer. In such a case the MSSR antenna is to be mounted on the top of the PSR antenna.

Key Features

  • High-performance S band primary surveillance terminal area radar based on conventional coherent scheme
  • Caters to modern ICAO requirements for use in air traffic control
  • Can work in extreme weather conditions with wind speeds exceeding 100 kmph
  • High level of integration and modularization using the latest well proven technologies with hot stand-by redundant configuration in all critical operational equipment to meet system availability at all times
  • Simple, reliable, contrasted and robust design of the Radar Station concept based on LAN technology with connectivity to Control Center using standard IP and X.25 networking protocols for data transmission and diffusion with other data types

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