Portable Multi band Jammer (SCL-2170C)

Electronic WarfareRCIED Jammer



Briefcase RCIED Jammer

Portable Multi band Jammer is designed for the protection of High Profile Individuals, Bomb Disposal Experts etc. from radio-controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIED's used by terrorists, assassins, political dissidents, and criminals during their day to day activities.

The SCL-2170 jams the signal in the frequency band of NMT, GSM 800/1900, GSM 900/1800 and 3G networks and provides up to 40 meters of coverage range with 30-45min of operational time. Multiple systems or add-on batteries can elongate the operational time. The system is best defence against radio controlled bombs or mines and can be personally hand carried or can be used while travelling in vehicles.

It is used by police, military, bomb disposed squads, security companies and security professionals for protection of assets or important personalities and high profile individuals.

Key Features

  • Jam any frequency in the frequency band of NMT, GSM 800/1900, GSM 900/1800 and 3G networks
  • Barrage jamming with fast random scanning
  • Operational time of up to 1 hour on batteries
  • Provides a protection distance of at least 20m radius
  • Capable of working on AC mains

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