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Utilizing Situational Awareness Capabilities
                                                                                                    for Enhanced Securit

From Awareness To Action:

Utilizing Situational Awareness Capabilities for Enhanced Security

Situational Awareness (SA) is a vital component of counterterrorism efforts and is essential in sensitive and critical situations, including terror incidents, riots, protests, and other forms of civil unrest. In the face of a terror incident or any such high-pressure situation, missing out on even the slightest sign of a potential threat can have dire consequences.

Most of the time, these terror incidents involve certain specific terrorists or sleeper cells who undertake illicit activities with the intent to create chaos. The vulnerable situations lead to malicious intents and activities that can hamper national security and the lives of assets. This is where having Situational Awareness can prove to be highly supportive of preventing and mitigating potential risks.

Now Have Your Eyes On The Entire Scene!

SA involves monitoring surroundings, analyzing information from sources like surveillance systems and intelligence reports, assessing threats, identifying suspicious terrorist activities or behaviors, and taking preventive measures against potential terrorist threats and targets. Whether operating in a high-stakes combat zone or within local communities, maintaining situational awareness is crucial to ensuring the safety and security of individuals and the broader community.

From gaining an eagle-eye view of the entire working environment to threat modeling and building solutions, Shoghi's situational awareness solutions are a widely accepted method to tackle disturbances and improve security. SA can help government officials monitor and assess any critical situations by using information from multiple sources, including social media, news outlets, and on-the-ground reports.

Situational Awareness:

Solutions To Rely On

The panorama of today's threats is large, intricate, and ever-expanding. Focusing on the physical threats is helpful, but ignoring the critical threat originating from the cyber domain or cyberspace can potentially damage the government and the organizations. By maintaining a proactive state of vigilance and actively gathering and analyzing information, security personnel can better understand the situation, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threats.

From assisting intelligence agencies with identifying targets and gaining insights for staying attentive to being a crucial part of crime investigations and evidence identification, Shoghi's SA solutions are supportive in offering multiple solutions like;

  • Detecting crowds and co-related anomalies.
  • Detecting terrorist activities in large and small crowds.
  • Unprecedented visibility into crime scene investigation.
  • Detecting an alias/hidden phone used by the same person.
  • Identification of perpetrators based on locations.
  • Mobile users profiling.
  • Riot investigations.
  • Countrywide Social Media Monitoring and control upon illegal websites.
  • Respond to the countrywide DDoS attacks.
  • Analyzing two or more locations and related time points.
  • Assessment of Fake News Propaganda
  • Accessing consolidated data of an incident/scene.
  • Investigation of crime sprees.
  • Remote forensics of targeted devices.

Situational Awareness:

Know the Best

Now unify your operations and improve situational awareness by having a complete operational view; with the target-centric investigations and intelligence that supports data collection and analysis, Shoghi's SA solutions are countrywide and advanced. They cover all the telecom services to support governments and organizations with adequate situational awareness capabilities.

Collaborating various methods that can track the online platforms and the communication going over them will result in offering an unrivaled solution to stop the spread of fake news and propagandas that have been a prime cause of violence and riots. These incidences of violence and riots lead to the development of terrorist groups, criminal gangs, and adversaries. It is indeed one of the primary agendas of adopting the SA strategies by the government.

Some of the noticeable solutions that Shoghi provides are:

  • Cyber Intelligence Solutions: Supports remote data extraction from target devices for authorized Government and Intelligence agencies.
  • Open Source Intelligence and Target Profiling: It has many applications, from supporting counterterrorism to countrywide social media monitoring.
  • Web Intelligence: It is the need of the hour and can detect and stop the spread of fake news that can lead to violence.
  • Social Media Monitoring and Target Geolocation: This helps agencies locate fake profiles, anonymous targets, and criminals.
  • Targeted Dark Web Intelligence: It ensures a continued check on illicit activities by monitoring the dark web.
Cyber Intelligence Solution


In a nutshell, the situational awareness solutions offered by Shoghi provide data collection, steering, aggregation, analysis, correlation, and visualization. From helping locate the position of a subscriber to using just a small number of servers for quick data analysis, this is a powerful tool in crime investigations. Offering global assistance with best-in-class technology, automatic monitoring, darknet analysis, geolocating anonymous targets, and much more, Shoghi's solutions are ready to build the SA needed to avoid breaches and ensure the safety of individuals/assets. Ultimately, situational awareness is a powerful tool that can help safeguard the interests and security of nations and their citizens.

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