Mobile ELINT System (SCL-MES)

Electronic WarfareESM/ELINT System



Mobile ELINT System

The Shoghi Mobile ELINT system (SC-MES) is an extremely versatile portable ELINT system which can carry out detection, monitoring, identification, direction finding and analysis of complex signals.

The system operates in the frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz (with optional 1–2 GHz) covering all the L, S, C, X, J bands with additional coverage  of 32 to 37 GHz. The system is able to intercept and analyze complex signals with constant or agile PRI, pulse Doppler signals and CW signals. It can also analyze special signals like LPI signals which are difficult to intercept and process. Thus the system is capable of detecting all types of current military and civilian radars and also advanced systems in future.


  • Used for  automatic detection and monitoring, identification, direction finding and analysis of all types of radar signals
  • Operates in all available radar bands for frequencies between 2-18 GHz and 32 -37 GHz
  • Can detect and carry out analysis of complex signals using constant or agile PRI, Pulse Doppler or CW signals
  • Can be used for analysis of existing and future systems such as LPI signals
  • Available in man portable, vehicle based or ship based roles
  • Single operator required for manning system in operation
  • Can process up to 50 targets simultaneously
  • Versatile system with a storage library of 1000 emitters
  • Can be used against ground , sea and air targets
  • Can provide a range up to 300 km for detecting flying targets with RLOS

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