Microwave Monitoring, Logging and Analysis (SCL-0518)

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Microwave Monitoring, Logging and Analysis

Microwave Monitoring System (SCL-0518) has been designed and integrated for the purpose of Passive Interception, Logging and Analysis of E1/T1, E2/T2, E3/T3 Target Microwave Communication Links.  The SCL-0518 covers the frequency range from 0.5MHz to 18GHz which can be extended up to 40GHz. The system comes in a Transportable chassis where all the  modules  are  seamlessly  integrated  to  provide  an integrated  monitoring  and  surveillance  platform  to  the  operator  for effective  and  efficient  interception  process.  Fast Scanning search receiver is integrated  with  monitoring  receivers  to  intercept communication  channel  of  interest. The standard configuration of the system is capable of monitoring 1(one) full duplex link (or 2 simplex links). All the communication output from the receiver is sent to the PCM/TDM De-multiplexer for online De-multiplexing of E1/T1, E2/T2 and E3/T3 communication links. The system can be  easily fitted  in  a  vehicle  of  customer  choice  or  can  be  used  for  static applications.

Key Features

  • Interception Range 0.5 MHz - 18 GHz providing total microwave communication frequency range monitoring capability
  • Equipped with fast search receiver and monitoring receivers
  • PCM/TDM Demodulator provides real-time Microwave signal demodulation/ demultiplexing and decoding
  • FDM De-multiplexer can be housed in the chassis for easy audio output in case of presence of FDM Signals
  • Logging of Voice Grade Channels (30 Channels in Case of E1) can be performed at the hard disk or Add on high capacity disks
  • Portable system housed in Rugged Chassis for secure transportation

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