Lawful IP Monitoring With Https Decoding (SCL-LIIH)

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Shoghi Lawful IP Monitoring With Https Decoding

The Shoghi Lawful Interception solution has been design to intercept the IP data traffic of targets from internet service provider’s switch. Most of the IP traffic is HTTPS/SSL encrypted which cannot be intercepted using traditional techniques and systems. To overcome from the limitation of intercepting the HTTPS/SSL traffic, Shoghi Communications has developed HTTPS interception module to intercept the data from HTTPS/SSL enabled sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.

SCL-LIIH is capable of monitoring Emails, browsed Webpages , Chat Sessions, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Skype (voice call log) and VoIP sessions along with CDR. SCL-LIIH is also equipped with CDR analysis application to perform the automatic linking and associations of the targets. The SCL-LIIH supports both ETSI and CALEA interface and can be integrated with switches of popular manufacturers like Alcatel Lucent, Juniper, Ericsson, Cisco etc. Shoghi provides turnkey solution which covers Probe, Mediation device and Processing Server at the service provider’s side and target provisioning system at LEA side.

Shoghi’s Probes, mediation device and provisioning systems can be suitably customized to integrate with service provider’s switch to implement the interception as per specific national legal requirements. The powerful user friendly GUI integrated with the system helps LEA’s operators to perform deep analysis on the intercepted data. The deep analysis of the data allowing to carry on complex investigations through extremely simple and built-in search tools.

Key Features

  • Can be used for Social Media Monitoring
  • Compliant to Global Standards like ETSI, CALEA and can be adopted to country specific standards
  • Support Interception and decoding of HTTPS/SSL traffic
  • Can be integrated with HTTPS Interception module to handle the traffic from HTTPS/SSL secured site like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc.
  • Can provide Emails, browsed Webpages , Chat Sessions, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, VoIP sessions along with CDR
  • Integrated CDR Analysis Application to provide the associations of the targets automatically
  • Decoding more than 180 protocols including various mobile protocols
    • Instant Message: MSN IM , Yahoo IM , Gtalk, XMPP, Facebook IM
    • Email: POP3, SMTP, Hot Mail , Gmail , Windows Live
    • Social Network: Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Youtube
    • Other common protocols: HTTP, Telnet, FTP,
  • Deep Content Inspection
    • Reconstructed Content Indexing
    • Protocol Distribution Analysis
    • Advance Search by keyword, time, protocol etc
    • Identity link and communication link analysis

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