Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set (SCL-SSJT)

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Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set

Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set has been designed to jam the signals from 20 to 2020 MHz frequency bands. The Small Size Jamming Transmitter Set consists six modules each covering different frequency band and power output. These modules are extensively light weight and small in size which allows to use them for jamming of radio communications in the combat zone. The jamming modules can be used to prevent the information leakage through radio eavesdropping devices, defend terrorist hazards etc.

Being light in weight and small in size these jamming modules can be easily mounted on UAVs/RPVs to fly undetected into area for jamming near enemy HQ, location during crucial stages of the battle to enable success in own tactical operations by disrupting the enemy VHF/UHF radio communications. These modules can also be used in artillery shells, parachute, and para-planes or camouflaged casing as expendable jammers within enemy controlled territory for jamming of communications.

Key Features

  • Jamming equipment of small size covering VHF/UHF band
  • Light weight equipment for easy carriage and delivery at required locations in combat zone
  • Can work on batteries for period upto ten hours
  • Can be mounted on UAV's/RPVs, Artillery shells, portable camouflaged caring, parachutes or para-planes for delivery

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