ISAT Monitoring System

The Tactical IsatPhone Monitoring System (SCL-5032P) is designed to monitor ACeS, IsatPhone and IsatPhone Pro terminals operating on Inmarsat Satellites network. The system is pre-integrated & pre-configured in a compact ruggedized transportable casing for plug and play operations. SCL-5032P is capable of providing both sides of the communication (full duplex call), call related information (CRI) along with the location of the ACeS, IsatPhone and IsatPhone Pro terminals. SCL-5032P intercepts the signals from L-band uplink (from IsatPhones to Inmarsat) and downlink (from Inmarsat Satellite to IsatPhones) to provide the duplex calls. Due to Line of Sight restriction system provides the duplex calls if target is within the range of 12Km otherwise it will provide the simplex call only (conversation downlink from satellite to IsatPhone).

The system can monitor upto 3 narrow spot beams simultaneously and provides 10 duplex calls if both the uplink and downlink L-band signals are available. The intercepted traffic is decrypted and clear data stream is obtained which are then processed to produce the Voice calls, SMS and Data sessions along with session related information and geo-location of ACeS, IsatPhone and IsatPhone Pro terminals. SCL-5032P is capable of locating the target on integrated digital map or google map and also supports geo-fencing to provide interception from specific region.

Key Features

  • System monitors Voice, SMS and Data communication from AceS, IsatPhone and IsatPhone Pro
  • Systems automatically detect and intercept the Voice, SMS and Data communication
  • System automatically decrypts the intercepted communication in real time
  • The system is capable of intercepting and displaying the following information :
    • Voice , SMS and Data
    • Spot beam ID
    • Date and time of call
    • TMSI or IMSI or IMEI
    • Telephone number of called party
    • Telephone number of the calling party
    • Call type (Voice or SMS or Data)
    • Direction of the call flow (Incoming Call or Outgoing call)
    • Duration of call (With start time and end time)
    • Latitude and longitude of the target
  • System monitors both forward and reverse channels simultaneously
  • Modular architecture of the system allows further expansion of the system
  • Supports geo-fencing to provide intercept from a specfic region

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