IP Link over Satellite Monitoring (SCL- IPSM)

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IP Link over Satellite Monitoring (SCL- IPSM) is designed to intercept the IP traffic from the IP gateways over satellite. SCL-IPSM is equipped with Universal Satellite Demodulator and IP Processing application to reconstruct the IP traffic. The Universal Satellite Demodulator is capable of demodulating, decoding and demultiplexing most of the IP carriers over satellite. The IP processing application accepts the demodulated, decoded and demultiplexed stream in binary format to reconstruct the IP sessions and provides E-Mails with attachments, HTML Pages, VoIP, downloaded Audio/Video files etc along with session related information such as Source IP Address, Destination IP Address, Source Port Address, Destination Port Address etc.

Key Features

  • Can intercept the internet gateway over satellite.
  • Can be used to intercept the IP traffic of adversaries in passive.
  • Provide E-Mails with attachments, Web Pages, Video and Audio files and VoIP Sessions.
  • Provide session related information such as Date, Time, Source IP , Source Port, Destination IP, Destination Port and Mac Address.

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