The GSM Direction finder (SCL-GSMDF) is designed to work along with the Semi-Active GSM Monitoring system (SCL-5020SE) to find the direction of the target. The GSM Direction finder  is very useful to locate the target inside the multi-floor building or in a crowded area. The SCL-5020SE can be programmed in such a way to establish a call to the target's mobile phone, without actually making his phone ring through software and start paging it.

During paging SCL-5020SE forces the target mobile handset on fixed channels and target mobile respond the paging on the same channel. If GSM Direction Finder detects any radio signal from the target mobile phone then, signal level indicator will display the signal strength on its display. Depending on direction and distance from the object volume level in head phones and bar level of the display will change as the signal strength increase. Both volume and signal level becomes maximum when operator carrying the GSM DF is next to target.

Key Features

  • Can be used to find the location of GSM phones
  • Can locate the target when he is in multi-storied building
  • Handy device which can be carried in hand to locate target
  • Can provide audio visual indication when target is nearby.
  • Designed to work in conjuction with Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System

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