GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module (SCL-Abis)

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To expand the reach of the GSM network, the Abis interface between the BSC and multiple BTSs is extended in the most cost-efficient manner possible over satellite by GSM service providers. The GSM Abis Link Monitoring Module (SCL-Abis) provides the interception capabilities from these Abis links and can monitor country wide or city wide GSM traffic. The SCL-Abis is capable of automatically classifying the GSM Abis links and can demultiplex the carrier to provide the demultiplex voice channels along with signaling information. While processing the GSM Abis carrier, the SCL-Abis provides the processed intelligible output in the form of Voice and SMS along with MCC, MNC, Outgoing Number, Incoming Number, Cell ID, IMSI/TMSI/IMEI etc.

Key Features

  • Can intercept the GSM Abis backhaul over satellite
  • Can be used to monitor the GSM communication network of adversaries
  • Provides Voice calls and SMS along with session related information such as IMSI or IMEI or TMSI, dialled number , caller ID, MCC, MNC and Cell ID
  • Support FR GSM 6.10, HR GSM 6.20, EFR GSM 6.60, AMR GSM 6.80 codes

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