FM Jamming System (SCL-FMJ)

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FM Jamming System

In response to the recent events which are destabilizing governments around the world, causing widespread disruptions and loss of life due to broadcasting of anti-government and anti-social content over FM channels. In order to full the requirement of jamming these FM channels, we have developed FM Jamming System. The FM Jamming System (SCL-FMJ) is designed to prevent FM radio reception from 88-108MHz in a designated area. It is a  power full jamming system, designed specifically for military/police deployment at large public gatherings, riots, marches, anti-government protests, rallies, etc. to jam the FM radio reception.

SCL-FMJ provides effective range up to 35 Km radius and multiple jammers can be deployed to cover the larger area. Based on advanced jamming technology, the SCL-FMJ transmits RF signals, which block the communication between the FM broadcasting station and FM receiver, actively jamming FM frequencies. The SCL-FMJ is powered by a high efficiency power supply unit which is fully protected from over-voltage, over-current, and temperature variations. The complete system is rack mounted on 19’’ racks. The SCL-FMJ can also be customized as per the customer requirement.

Key Features

  • High Power FM jamming equipment designed to prevent FM transmission in a specified area
  • Covers entire FM band of 88 - 108 MHz
  • High gain log periodic antenna for maxumum coverage
  • Provides effective range up to 35 Km radius subject to line of sight conditions and height of jammer’s antenna

Application Scenario

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