Fake BTS Detector

Fake BTS Detector (SCL-8521) is designed to help Government and Law Enforcement Agencies to detect "fake BTS" used to create fake/simulated cellular networks by IMISI Catchers System, Active GSM Interception Systems, Unregistered BTS etc. SCL-8521 collects information about base stations (BS), operating in the standards of digital mobile communications GSM / UMTS / LTE. System is equipped with various dedicated operational mode (Fast Scan Mode, Detailed GSM Scanning Mode and Fake) each one for specific purpose.

In Fake BTS mode, system continuously searching for fake BTS by monitoring the radio environment and alert the operator in case of detection of Fake BTS.

Fake BTS Detector offers the flexibility to export the scan results in standard format, which can be analyzed on any normal computer equipped with Microsoft excel.

Optionally on customer request SCL-8521 can be extended with selective jammer modules, that can jam discovered fake base stations without affecting real one.

Key Features

  • Automatically detect Fake Base Stations
  • Can be used as IMSI catcher’s detector and active GSM interceptor detector
  • Can collect information about base stations (BS), operating in GSM / UMTS / LTE network
  • Can search for unregistered base stations
  • Automatically build a coverage map and collect all information about surrounding base stations
  • Equipped with Fast and Detailed scanning mode to collect data of surrounding GSM / UMTS / LTE BTSs
  • Can log the changes in the BS-environment and BS configuration
  • Automatically evaluate the suspiciousness rate of surrounding base stations
  • Can be integrated with GPS/GLONASS receiver to save the collected result with their location tag*




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