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How often does it happen that something over the internet grips your very sentiments & reactions only to be later found that it was fake?

With the exponential dependency & reliability of the internet, today social media are an indispensable part of our lives. Although consciously all of us are aware of its positives & negatives, it is already late by the time we realize we are being manipulated. Often the content gets identified as propaganda only after that hashtag has several rounds around the globe! All of us have certain interests to connect over groups & channels but misinformation still manages to infiltrate them. With the omnipresence of disinformation, the internet is often to blame for turning us restless.

When individual impacts alone feel suffocating, the collective repercussions social media can rain have been devastating. Across several instances; external interferences, perpetrators, adversaries, anti-social elements, and threat actors manage to gain the sympathy of the innocent masses by manipulating them for their agendas. Terror groups lately have been resorting to online brainwashing resulting in terror incidents by unsuspected individuals.

The technology itself is abused by leveraging bot networks & multiple cover identities amplifying the manipulation by several times.

Each moment nations are faced with fake content that is about to go viral leading to negative physical or economic implications let alone the paranoia amongst the masses it creates. Adversaries today take advantage of & thrive upon the insecurities of innocent citizens to meet their destructive intentions turning them ever more vulnerable. While the importance of OSINT is well-realized across our community, its potential in preventing potential incidents, detecting propaganda campaigns & unveiling the perpetrators is hardly focused upon.

Shoghi Communications sensed the need for an hour to devise a system that can autonomously gather ever-expanding sources, track the intelligence insights on a continuous basis from the complete web sphere & point us towards prioritized frequency-based actionable intelligence from open source, social media sphere & dark web. With its 2 decades of extensive experience in the Intelligence domain across a range of products for monitoring various communications, Shoghi has been providing deep insights into Internet traffic. Its High Ground Visibility solution offers early sensing of propaganda, identifying the origin of misinformation & disinformation campaigns & the network of affiliations responsible for promoting it.

Shoghi's proprietary autonomous reconnaissance & patrolling of refined threats enables improved defiladed encirclement to contain threats with rapid dominance against disinformation or demoralizing propaganda with moral ascendancy. Its threat intelligence capability fuses the most relevant content from the entire digital sphere to provide comprehensive, far-reaching, high-resolution insights on individual and group identity, affiliation, activities, trends, and behaviour patterns.  

The challenge Shoghi aptly addresses is that automated alerts based on affiliations with anti-social elements help profile real identities or waves of bots campaigning for propaganda disinformation & misinformation. While its Detailed Profiling equipped with Facial recognition technology resolves alias identities with real ones detecting the same faces across the internet sphere; the target-specific operational modules offer the capability to counter brainwashing propaganda for timely remediation.

Its ability to search for potential targets in the vast mass of data gathered from monitoring systems is greatly appreciated amongst its users in the search for potential information on specific topics, issues, and events within & beyond the boundaries.

Shoghi OSINT platform deployed across several agencies entrusted for nations' security has been addressing various threats like.

Uncovering Propaganda Perpetrators: While traditional solutions are able to sense the propaganda campaigns. Identification of perpetrators behind them constantly consumes efforts & valuable time of analysts thus delaying the response. Taking this as an exclusive challenge, their research team carved out a proprietary autonomous sensing algorithm enabling analysts to timely react, respond & counter such threats.

Autonomously Sensing Misinformation & Disinformation Agents: Prioritization of Misinformation & Disinformation events to be addressed is another overwhelming task for analysts. Each such event is required to be prioritized & addressed based on several factors usually in a very stipulated time. Where traditional solutions utilize 'NLP', their cross-operational fused probes give prioritized threat perception levels for the events along with their exposure heatmap.

Narrowing down Anti-Social Elements: Its next-gen threat intelligence solution autonomously senses threats from the web sphere, unlike old ones that majorly rely on link analysis. Pinpointing the developing & maturing threats, alerting us before it turns into unwelcome incidents.

Exposing a State-Sponsored bot network: A nation-state-sponsored propaganda misinformation campaign deployed a network of 25K bots within a span of 3 days entirely made up of newly created and stolen accounts to target those speaking critically against Authoritarian Regimes. The campaign quickly further expanded across multiple languages, platforms, countries, and topics, against protests, as confirmed by the Twitter Discloser report. Shoghi's Link analysis module enumerates the networks to identify the complete bot network.

Shoghi's OSINT solution can be deployed for gaining actionable intelligence from the Internet regarding potential threats from selected individuals, terrorist groups, criminal gangs, or adversaries. Key capabilities it equips users with are:

  • An intelligent decision support and operations management platform built around a network-centric geospatial platform.
  • Mining and analysing a large amount of text, unstructured, and transaction data.
  • Visualization platform and advanced analytics.
  • Custom-built reporting formats.
  • Geospatial analysis of information with the location as an important parameter for emerging trends or patterns.
  • Multi-lingual capability in English and other languages.
  • Linking to existing databases of various monitoring platforms.

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