C/Ku Band Satellite Monitoring (SCL-3412)

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C/Ku band Satellite Monitoring

C/Ku Satellite Monitoring System (SCL-3412) is designed to intercept International/national telecom carriers, GSM A/Abis links and IP Carriers over satellite which are using C, Ku, X or Ka-Band. In order to reduce the manual effort and time consumed in the analysis of the carriers, system is integrated with Satellite Carrier Analysis module, which automatically performs the scanning on the selected spectrum and provide the list of carriers along with their payload type (i.e DCME, GSM or IP) and characteristics parameters. This provides great help to take decision for monitoring of the carriers of interest.

The SCL-3412 can intercept the traffic along with signaling information from satellite links between two countries, GSM Abis links over satellite and IP gateway over satellite. The system is equipped with DCME signal processor to handle compressed links which are using commercially available DCMEs and GSM Abis processor to process the GSM Abis links. The SCL-3412 is also equipped with IP processing module to process the IP gateways. While processing the carriers from these links the system provides the processed intelligible output in the form of Voice, SMS, Fax, Emails with attachments, HTML pages, Downloaded audio/video files etc. along with Originating Point Country, Destination Point Country, Outgoing Number, Incoming Number, MCC, MNC, Cell ID, IMSI/TMSI/IMEI, Source IP Address, Destination IP Address etc.

Key Features

  • C, Ku, X and Ka-Band Satellite Monitoring System which can intercept International/national telecom carriers, GSM A and Abis links and IP Carriers over satellite
  • Can provide the following:
    • Intercepted content including Voice, Fax, SMS, Email,
    • Browsed Webpages, Chat Sessions, attachments
    • Originating  Point Country and Destination Point Country
    • Outgoing Number
    • Incoming Number
    • Cell ID, IMSI, TMSI, IMEI
  • Can classify and process high speed IP links between ISP to ISP over satellite
  • Real-time data Acquisition, Demodulation, Decoding and Decompression
  • The system provides FAX decoding, IP data decoding and reconstruction into Http, E-mail, Chat and Fax image
  • Supports most of the commercially available DCME hardware like PCM, ADPCM, DT-240 (D,E,F,T), CELLTIC-3G, PCME, NCM-500, DX-3000, DX-5000, DX-7000, TC-2000, DTX-360, DTX-600

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