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Equipping Defense Services With Robust Tech-Based Systems To Enforce Smarter Border Security.

The rising threat of terrorism and increasing levels of globalization have made it crucial for law enforcement agencies and the government to look for better and more efficient technologies to strengthen border security. The time has gone when installing simple fences was sufficient. Today, the need is to build 'Smarter walls' that are technologically efficient and supportive to fight every unforeseen threat. These walls are not actual physical walls but rather advanced border surveillance systems that can ensure the security and sanctity of the borders.

As global threats are becoming more complicated and sophisticated, ensuring access to better and more efficient means of combat is mandatory. Embracing new forms of intelligence and surveillance technologies is an essential aspect of the same. So, let us understand more about border surveillance and security here.

Collaborating Fencing With Tech-Based Coded Walls.

Every country needs to ensure security at two levels broadly. One is at the border level, and the other is internal or homeland security. Ensuring both levels of security have an increasing resilience on the technology to offer the requisite and coherent support to the government and the intelligence agencies.

Generally, border security maintains homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty. It ensures that borders are guarded against smuggling people, weapons, narcotics, and other contraband while facilitating legal access and exit. While the government has the army posted at the border, it still must ensure the proper collaboration of the technology to ensure efficient support.

Modern smart border security systems rely on complex interconnected technologies, including drones or anti-dronesystems, area protection jammers, Portable Ground Surveillance Radar, AI, and IoT sensors. Promoted to enhance border checkpoint effectiveness and border patrol security capabilities.

Several technologies are available that can help with border surveillance. These can be ground-based, mounted on aerial or spacecraft platforms, or submerged in water. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the terrain, and the precise situation on the ground, combining more than one technology might be necessary for the best results.

How To Ensure Robust Border Security Technologies?

One important thing to understand before exploring the varieties of border security technologies is that it is a coordinated effort. A variety of technologies with human force is required to be in place to ensure that border security is stringent and well-coordinated. The emerging technologies are capable of fundamentally changing border management and creating better safety and opportunities as well.

Considering the variants of the technology, the broad ones that can be included in the segment are as below:

  • Surveillance and anti-drone systems

For security, one needs to focus on both variants of drones. One is the surveillance drone, while the other is an anti-drone system. Drones are becoming more common in transnational border regions and give border officers access to hard-to-reach places. Drones can boost visibility, gather geospatial data and locations, analyze data, scramble data, and even tamper with distant signaling. At the same time, anti-drone systems like Shoghi's exclusive SCL-ADS6000 can ensure border safety by jamming drone threats.

  • High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

It is difficult to monitor every border movement by the task force. The better solution is to have Shoghi's High-Resolution Satellite Imagery. It can offer visual imagery for defense and civil purposes that can help create situational awareness for intelligence ensuring better border security. High-quality imagery is essential to ensure the safety of the locations which are not easily accessible by the enforcement and can help intelligence agencies to keep an eye on any movement which is not intended.

  • Area Protection Jammer

Threats that can hamper communication or even RCIED can significantly negatively impact the safety of the border and, thereby, the task force. Using Area Protection Jammers or GPS Jammers, like Shoghi's SCL-APSNT , one can be informed and protected from unforeseen threats like unwarranted communications, RCIED's or Satellite navigated threats. With quite a significant variation in the configuration, these RCIED jammer and RF jammers offered by Shoghi can support multiple needs without interrupting the working. Also, these can be used in the most rugged, tactical, and extreme environments for the best level of service.

  • Sensors

Intelligent movement sensors that are AI-enabled can instantly identify the presence of individuals moving underground or over physical borders. These sensors can gather exact geographical data, which can be used to give border security personnel locational details. With the aid of these movement sensors, illicit acts can be identified and stopped.

  • Electro-optic Cameras

Border surveillance needs to be on day and night and in every terrain. No matter how hard they access it, ensuring all-around security is crucial. The electro-optic cameras designed by Shoghi can be used for surveillance day or night and are a mix of thermal and optical cameras mounted on a tough pan-tilt unit. One can deploy the system on stationary or moving platforms. It can output high-quality video in various formats, from the more recent ONVIF protocols to the older Pelco-D protocols. It can provide maximum situational awareness using the dual camera system.

  • Portable Ground Surveillance Radar

Shoghi's Portable ground surveillance radar is ideal for surveillance activities and is fully man-portable and able to be mounted on vehicles and field posts. The radar has complete environmental protection and can tolerate harsh circumstances. Long-range vehicle and person detection capabilities are strong and can also help with early entry detection through movement detection. The multi-sensor integration software allows users to combine different sensors as designed by Shoghi, including electro-optic cameras and radars, to create a fully integrated surveillance system for border protection and surveillance.


While challenging, border control is a necessary responsibility. While monotonous, repetitive, and exhausting, one cannot afford to let their guard down. Shoghi offers technologies to aid defense agencies in working optimally while ensuring the best border and citizen safety results.

Education and collaboration are essential for border agencies to utilize intelligent technology's transformative potential fully. This innovation mindset is essential for the efficient, safe, and effective movement of people and things across borders. It is also a necessity from an economic standpoint and a major factor in the prosperity of all nations on a national and international level.

Ultimately, letting down the guard is not a solution, but strengthening the same using the most advanced technologies can ensure better border safety for the countries.

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