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Autonomous Net World Threat Scan

Since long, standard threat intelligence solutions have been dependent on operators to identify & feed the sources from where intelligence could be gathered or monitored. With the growing expanse of the internet, today sources have turned into a far more dynamic entity; with new sources getting activated each given moment & activities across existing sources going viral in no time. It's a challenge to detect & respond to these innumerable inputs let alone go addressing them at the right time.

Need of an hour was to devise a system which can autonomously gather ever expanding sources, track the intelligence insights on a continuous basis from the complete web sphere & point us towards prioritized frequency based actionable intelligence from open source, social media sphere & dark web.

Shoghi understands the value of continuous research to address security concerns arising due to today's ever changing technology. Latest of our innovation in threat intelligence addresses this exact concern of overwhelming alerts & false positives thus offering autonomously filtered actionable intelligence. The machine learned scan grid provides a high ground visibility for a sensed threat.

Early autonomous reconnaissance & patrolling of refined threats enables improved defiladed encirclement to contain threats with rapid dominance against disinformation or demoralizing propaganda with moral ascendancy.

Our threat intelligence Capability fuses the most relevant content from the entire digital sphere to provide comprehensive, far-reaching, high-resolution insights on individual and group identity, affiliation, activities, trends, and behaviour patterns.

Few Applications are as below:

Sensing Propaganda Perpetrators

Traditional solutions are able to sense the propaganda campaigns. Identification of perpetrators behind them constantly consumes efforts & valuable time of analysts thus delaying the response. Taking this as an exclusive challenge, our research team carved out a proprietary autonomous sensing algorithm enabling analysts to timely react, response & counter such threats.

Sensing Misinformation & Disinformation Agents

Prioritization of Misinformation & Disinformation events to be addressed is another overwhelming task for analysts. Each such event is required to be prioritized & addressed based on several factors usually in a very stipulated time. Where traditional solutions utilize 'NLP', our cross operational fused probes give prioritized threat perception level for the events along with its exposure heatmap.

Sensing Anti-Social Elements

Our next gen threat intelligence solution autonomously senses threats from the web sphere unlike old ones majorly relying on link analysis. Pinpointing the developing & maturing threats, alerting us before it turns into an unwelcome incident.

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