Surveillance Radar

Surveillance Radar

Shoghi is pleased to announce its foray in designing and development of latest generation Airport Surveillance Radar Systems. Shoghi's Airport Surveillance Radars are high performance system designed to provide air traffic controllers with reliable and clear picture of air traffic within its coverage area.

Shoghi's Airport Radar System consists of a Primary Radar for wide-area surveillance of the airfields' surroundings as well as a Secondary Radar for automatic identification of the individual aircraft. Its extreme sensitivity means that even very small objects such as ultra-lightweight aircraft, slow flying objects such as helicopters or even flocks of birds can be reliably detected and classified.

Our advanced radars and sensors dramatically improve performance and drive down cost by reducing the operations and maintenance requirements, and the overall footprint of systems. Shoghi's open architecture provides a flexible and affordable way to add capabilities to meet emerging threats. Our systems are also scalable and easily adapted to support new missions.


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