5G GSM Network Interception System (SCL-5GM)

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5G Monitoring System

5G GSM Network Interception System is capable of bringing down the 5G phones in its operational range to 4G, 3G, and 2G/2.5G GSM mode depending upon the operational requirements. The SCL-5GM is fully compatible with our Semi-Active and Passive GSM Monitoring System for interception of voice and SMS data from 5G phones.

Key Features

  • Semi-Active type of the IMSI/IMEI collection algorithm.
  • Automatically scans and detects parameters of all 5G networks.
  • Detects all 5G phones and redirects them on 4G, 3G, 2G networks.
  • After redirecting to a 3G network, it can display the phone's model number, country of origin and the name of the service provider.
  • Measures distance of redirected phones to 3G network with the accuracy of less than 30 m.

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