Secure SMS Application

Secure SMS Application is a secure text messaging solution for our Government customers for transmitting sensitive and confidential information from GSM mobile handset. The Application is built on Android and iOS platform and can be installed on any smart mobile phone operating on Android or iOS.

The SCL-SSA uses 256 bit Military Grade encryption for encrypting the messages. SCL-SSA is generating unique session key for each message sent and destroys these keys. SCL-SSA offers flexibility for the government agencies to load their own proprietary encryption algorithm. The interface of the application is quite similar to the normal SMS application used by mobile phones. SCL-SSA operates in the background and automatically starts and indicates when it receives an encrypted SMS.


  • Uses Military Grade encryption algorithm for encryption of text messages
  • Support 256 bit key length
  • Flexibility to add proprietary or custom encryption algorithm of the customer
  • Base 64 conversions (support to any special character on any network GSM or 3G)
  • SCL-SSA can operate in the background and provide real time support for Encryption or Decryption
  • SCL-SSA automatically starts and indicates when it receives an encrypted SMS

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